Mental Health Champions

Becoming a Champion

Through our network of Mental Health Champions, we’re changing people’s minds about mental health and reducing stigma. We are recruiting volunteer Mental Health Champions to champion positive mental wellbeing in our local community for colleagues, clients, patients or people they encounter on a daily basis.

Champions are people who live or work in Islington and are provided with training and support to:
• Promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing;
• Help their organisation or community to respond to people who may be showing early signs of anxiety or depression;
• Be able to recognise signs of other mental illness and what to do in a crisis situation;
• Help people understand and to tackle the common myths, stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues.
• Signpost and support people to access mental health services/activities through our Wellbeing Service.

Every Champion is provided with free training and are then part of a network of Champions with ongoing support, training events and information to help people in Islington develop and maintain good mental wellbeing. We may ask you to assist us with events and activities, such as helping with a stall or a promotional event.

If you are interested contact or ring her on 020 7561 5299.

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