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Our Wellbeing Services promotes mental and physical health in North London. Our primary aim is to break down the stigma that is attached to mental health and to help people start conversations about mental wellbeing. We also support individuals who want to improve their mental wellbeing to access the right help attend sessions.

We raise awareness about mental wellbeing by taking part in national and local initiatives to get people talking about mental health.Every February we take part in the Time to Talk campaign. We celebrate International Mental Health Day on 10th October and put on activities during Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

We use other national campaigns to raise awareness around stress, suicide and healthy eating to give people tips on changing their lives for the better.

One of our crucial roles is signposting people to the right place to help them. We work with all the local agencies and voluntary organisations and support people to find the help they need.

We couldn't carry out this work without our large pool of volunteer Mental Health Champions who put on and attend events, take out leaflets and spread the word about mental wellbeing in their neighbourhoods. Some Champions also support individuals to access appointments and events.

We promote physical wellbeing through giving people information on living healthily. We also put on physical activities to help people get out of the house, meet up and have fun.

We help people find the best help for them by working with a range of local partners and signposting to local services. We also provide the information here.

Mental Health Champions

Physical Wellbeing

Supporting Individuals

Mental Health Information

Raising awareness of mental wellbeing


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